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While our YouTube page has dozens of videos on it, here are 7 of the most popular. The entire playlist can be found by clicking the upper left corner of the video below:

Story of new chemical contamination that is widespread across the US. This video chronicles the first ten years since Austin, Texas passed the nation’s first ban of coal tar pavement sealers.

Ever wonder what is in coal tar sealant that makes it a concern? Confused by a variety of terms used by industry? Watch this video as a USGS scientist exposes the truth about coal tar sealants, their origin, and their health risks. This is Part 2 of an expanding series explaining the state of the science of coal tar sealant pollution.

This is one graphic to convey the key ideas about coal tar sealant pollution. It contains stats and key headlines that have covered this topic in the last few years. 

Runoff of coal tar based asphalt sealant from the BB & T Bank parking lot on Highway 105 in Boone, NC killed every living thing in more than 1.5 miles of creek all the way down to the Boone mall. A contractor failed to prevent toxic asphalt sealant from entering a Watauga County creek during a rainfall event. Neither BB & T nor the contractor reported the event or did anything to clean it up.

Dr. Barbara Mahler of the USGS clearly presents the summary of over 10 years of research into this problem for both the environment and people. This full-length presentation was given at a seminar sponsored by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the EPA in October of 2013.

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines across the country discussing the problems with coal tar pavement sealer. This video demonstrates an easy way to see if skin-based exposure to these chemicals is really happening. Other well-known routes of exposure are inhalation and ingestion.

This unofficial guide will be a series of videos that explain in plain language the research that has been done by the United States Geological Survey on pollution from coal tar pavement sealants, how it affects the environment, and potentially–people.

A video explaining the dangers of carcinogenic coal-tar and it’s safe, eco-friendly counterpart – Safe Seal. This product is so safe, even school children can play on it.