“Perfect” Planned Community Forgot One Thing: Coal Tar Sealers

Green Light for Black Goo in Idyllic, Disney Community CELEBRATION, FLORIDA — Just in time for their 20th anniversary celebration, one of the nation’s premier planned communities is getting a new coat, not of paint, but of toxic coal tar pavement sealer. Soon after it opened it won a prestigious award as one of the […]

On Paws and PAHs

On Paws and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)   Recently we faced the unpleasant decision to put a dog of ours, Chandler (above left) to sleep after being a big part of the family for nearly 13 years. Even though she was annoying at times with family and guests, I am surprised by the sadness I […]

New Sealer Alternatives Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

New Michigan Ban First to Outlaw New Products ‘Tis the Season for grand beginnings from humble locations! In that spirit Van Buren Township, Michigan, with little fanfare, ushered in a new era in pavement sealant regulation: banning all products which exceed a certain level of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). It is the first of its […]

Pick Your Poison; aka Driveway Sealer Scams

Linden, NJ — Earlier this month an 85-year old woman was scammed by a door-to-to contractor offering her a “great deal” on sealing her driveway . She paid $7,000 for an incomplete job after a group of young men came to the house and appeared to use black spray paint instead of pavement sealer. A […]

Should Pregnant Women Avoid Coal Tar Sealed Surfaces?

Is that an appropriate question or might some say this is too extreme? Let’s review some things to consider: PAHs affect the unborn in many negative ways.  Research by the United States Geological Survey says that coal tar sealants are high in PAHs and for years continue to off-gas high levels of PAHs to the […]

Sealant Worker Safety Myth in Jeopardy

The sealer industry is fond of saying how safe their product is for worker safety. No evidence, no claims, no one harmed. Even during this spring’s legislative season, the statements have continued. Our position has been that it is faulty logic to claim a statement as true without any comprehensive analysis to support it. Until […]

Field Test for Coal Tar Sealant Determination

Funny that this simple test has been the source of a lot of consternation, much of which will have to wait for a more thorough re-telling.  Suffice it to say, that my colleague, who will want to remain anonymous, and I knew the importance of finding a repeatable field test.  We found out about the […]