We Interrupt Our Focus on Coal Tar to Talk About Free Speech

Rarely does this page wander away from the topic of toxic coal tar.  We take a “big tent” approach to political opinions; meaning we believe that left, right or in-between can all agree on making our communities cleaner and safer from toxic products. Our mantra is to focus on that common ground, not on what divides us. 

But the banning of Alex Jones, demonstrates the fragile thread that our free speech is hanging by today. Personally I have been banned from speaking at a university because talking about the toxicity of coal tar sealers might offend a donor. Simple calls to action against a toxic product as determined by dozens of researchers has been deemed “unacceptable” by some social media sites. And we have seen, strangely, that after criticizing a major corporation, our traffic dramatically drops overnight.

While our experiences in no way compare to being kicked off of dozens of platforms in a single day, we see our vulnerability to digital silencing. If you have an opinion that is outside of the status quo, then you too may be censored.

Below are a few sources of opinion that speak to this issue from a liberal, progressive or conservative perspective.

Speak up now, because tomorrow you may not be able to.

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A Liberal Perspective

A Progressive Perspective

A Conservative Perspective

A Detailed Read....on the cover of RollingStone

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