Are You Paying Too Much for Your Carcinogens?

5. $2.1 Million for 1 Pound of Hamburger Carcinogens
Now this is the most expensive way in our lineup to get your toxins. You could eat a burger a day for a 1,000 years and still not have a pound of these carcinogens.
4. $864 for 1 Pound of Cigarette Carcinogens
You might have guessed that this would be the most expensive with taxes and all the public service announcements. And at nearly $1,000 a pound it's still expensive. Look out for their very efficient toxin delivery system.
3. $750 for 1 Pound of Flame Retardant Carcinogens
You may think that the scariest thing in your sofa would be found under the cushions, but that's nothing compared to the toxic flame retardants in the cushions. You could go cheaper with a free, curbside sofa which is said to be nasty in more ways than one.
2. $66 for 1 Pound of Pesticide Carcinogens
Now the price is coming down. Go to any home improvement store and pick up your pound. Don't forget that it will take about 5 gallons to get a pound.
1. $0.86 for 1 Pound of Coal Tar Sealer Carcinogens!!
Now here's a winner! A pound of carcinogens for less than a buck. Without a special exemption from the EPA this stuff would be labeled hazardous waste. No wonder this stuff sometimes costs less than the bucket it comes in.
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Dollar for Dollar, What’s Your Best Bet For Cost-Effective Carcinogens?

No one wants to spend too much money on things around the house. We all want to get the most out of our cash today.

But are you spending too much for your carcinogens? Yeah you could get a lot of them free in the air, near some factories or by swimming in some waters. But isn’t it more American to own them, where you can be exposed whenever you want, as much as you want and you won’t have to worry about someone taking them away?

It’s hard to know, with confusing labels, scientific terms, and missing information where to begin.

That’s why we pulled together this information on some of the top carcinogens available in the marketplace today to help.

We looked at the following 5 common products around the home to see which was the most cost-effective way to get your carcinogens. If you’re not familiar with the toxicity of these products or their ingredients, follow the links provided.

By the way, only 2 of the 5 have large quantities in the typical American home. Both are mobile and frequently found in the dust in your house. They are:

  • flame retardants (about 2 pounds for every sofa and in most foam) and 
  • coal tar sealcoat which adds about 3 pounds of coal tar (a known human carcinogen) for every 1000 square feet of driveway. 

Photo credits:
Hamburgers: Public Domain
Cigarettes: Public Domain
Pesticides: Amanda Wray
Zombies on sofa: Helga Weber
Coal tar: Ballookey Klugeypop