An Open Letter In Search of Some Political Courage

recently wrote this letter to an elected official who had shown some interest in the sealer issue. Often our politics are so polarizing that politicians are unwilling to go outside of the herd of familiar slogans and mantras. Usually that means Republicans, but sometimes Democrats do the very same thing.
Please don’t take this note the wrong way. The political courage expressed by so many around the country has been invaluable in reducing our exposure to this toxic mess! 

Dear Representative,

First of all, thank you for your service, both as a representative and a veteran. It is appreciated!

The problem with coal tar sealers is that it doesn’t fit the familiar narratives like:

“We have too many regulations”


“Environmental regs are job killers”

Are you willing to believe that a real environmental issue is unregulated and will NOT harm jobs if banned?

Are you willing to believe that the EPA has overlooked this for more than 20 years?

Are you willing to stand up against those familiar ideologies and do some good for your state and your community?

If you can’t accept these things, then you can stop reading right now.

If you can, then perhaps start with this infographic I put together.

If you’re still intrigued, then check out this 6 pager by the USGS.

And then if you want to read about coal tar sealers from a business perspective, then check this out:

Most politicians (of both parties) fear the backlash of constituents, but the true leaders are fully convinced and stand up in spite of those possibilities.

I hope you are one of those sir.


Thomas E. Ennis, PE, LEED AP