**Updated** Video Summary of San Antonio’s Historic Vote to Ban Coal Tar Sealers

On June 30, 2016 the City of San Antonio became the largest city in the nation to pass a ban of coal tar pavement sealers. These videos contain an overview of the City staff findings; comments by the several Council members including its sponsor, Councilman Ron Nirenberg; and statements from supporters and opponents of the ban.

The key statement came from the ban’s sponsor, Ron Nirenberg:

“The reason why we’re doing this today is that science demands that, as it relates to public health, that we adjust public policy when necessary.”

Unfortunately not all the statements were supportive of the ban.

Do you ever wish you could have a buzzer when you hear someone speak publicly who is, at best, misinformed? Well this video of the Council proceedings has buzzers and comments included. No disrespect to the historic aspects of this ban or the Council is intended, but these statements could not just stand unchallenged.

5 Minute Summary of Council Proceedings

 Complete Council Proceedings with a Little Editorial Commentary

 Introductory Presentation by Doug Melnick, Sustainability Officer for the City of San Antonio


 Presentation by Tom Ennis of Coal Tar Free America


 Presentation by Anne LeHuray of the Pavement Coatings Technology Council


 Presentation by Ellen Berky of the Sierra Club


 Presentation by Annalisa Peace of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance


 Presentation by Jim Craven of Parking Lot Store


 Presentation by Rebecca Reeves of the San Antonio Water Supply (SAWS)


 Presentation by Jason Brown of Texas Star Supply


 Key Statements by Council Nirenberg and Staff Response to Questions

 Statements by Councilman Trevino


 Statements by Councilman Gallagher


 Statements by Councilmember Viagran


The Vote


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