TX Doctors’ Prescription for San Antonio: Ban Coal Tar

The Texas Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) has issued and submitted a letter of support for the ban of coal tar pavement sealants in the City of San Antonio. San Antonio is scheduled to consider this ban at their Council meeting tomorrow June 30, 2016.

The medical profession has been supportive of efforts to curtail the use of coal tar sealant across the United States whether through official channels like the Physicians for Social Responsibility, or through the testimony of individual public health professionals like the one that appeared in the San Antonio Express News just last week.

Regulating coal tar sealers compliments the efforts of the Texas chapter of PSR in their new program “Toxic-Free Child.”

“The goal of our program is to educate pregnant women and families about the dangers of common household toxics, along with strategies to minimize exposure and prevent health complications.”

In their letter of support, the TxPSR said, “There is significant evidence provided by peer-reviewed studies from independent sources, universities, and governmental agencies to illustrate that the use of coal tar sealants is detrimental to the environment. Furthermore, less toxic alternatives exist which make the use of coal tar sealants unnecessary.

Therefore, we urge the San Antonio City Council to protect the public’s health by prohibiting the use of these products throughout your jurisdiction.”

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