Texas Aquifer District Stomps Out Coal Tar in Sensitive Zones

Earlier today the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) voted to ban coal-tar  sealcoat from two of its most sensitive areas.  Originally the District contemplated a ban in all recharge and contributing zones, but a recommendation from Aquifer Management and Planning (AMP) Committee was to study the item further and include it in with a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP)….maybe… in the future.

That was until EAA Board Member Pat Stroka made an appeal and motion for the ban in the sensitive zones.  Those areas are around New Braunfels and San Marcos, TX.  It carried with the effect of a ban starting in the areas in January 2013!  This is the first ban in Texas in over 6 years.

At the end of August, we ran a story about some of the testimony that the sealant industry gave in defense of their product (see Texas-sized Aquifer District Hears All Hat and No Cattle Presentation from Industry).

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