Add Buffalo, MN to The List of Coal Tar Sealant Bans!

Word comes from Minnesota that the City of Buffalo has passed a ban of coal tar pavement sealants.  Buffalo is a community of about 15,000 between Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minnesota.  This marks the ninth city or town in this state to pass a ban and pushes number of US citizens under a coal tar sealant ban to near 9 million.  The ban went into effect last fall. 

For a complete list of all bans we know about, click the tab on the top of this page entitled, “Bans,” or go to this link. This is the most comprehensive list on the web, but even with the long reach of the internet, it is easy to miss them.  It would be helpful for readers of this blog to let us know of introduced, impending, or passed coal tar sealant regulations.  Thanks!