“Bans Won’t Affect Business in Long-Term” says MN Sealant CEO

Often it is said that alternative products are inferior and that the ban of coal tar sealants will hurt small business.  Not exactly says the CEO of Jet-Black Sealant, Nick Kelso. “There are pros and cons to both,” Kelso said. “We don’t think (the bans) will affect business in the long-term.”

This recent article in a Minnesota paper explored the affect of a series of coal tar sealant bans on the local sealant business.  Additional observations from an applicator and the owner of a franchise that applies both asphalt sealants and coal tar sealants were:

  • There was an initial drop off of business when consumers were confused by what was legal and what wasn’t.
  • There is a misconception those advocating bans think coal tar sealants are the only source of urban PAHs.  On the contrary, it is one of many urban PAH sources, but one of the most potent yet controllable sources.
  • More bans in Minnesota may lead one applicator to only carry asphalt sealant, instead of both.

While legislators continue to discuss the pros and cons of sealant bans, it is good to know sound alternatives exist to coal tar sealants and that a comprehensive communication plan is paramount to the success of any regulatory action.

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