Chicago Tribune on CTS: Toxic goop; It might be coating your driveway and tracked into your home

High levels of a toxic chemical in coal tar have been found in the fast-growing
 McHenry County village of Lake in the Hills. (Stacey Wescott/Chicago Tribune)

Good solid article from the Tribune in the heart of coal tar sealant country.  Congrats Michael.  It is a complex subject and succinctly put comparison of well-known contamination sites in the Chicagoland area to coal tar sealants:

 The amount of PAHs that triggered the Oak Park and Little Village cleanups was substantially lower than what researchers found in driveway dust in Lake in the Hills — 0.3 and 10 parts per million, respectively, compared with up to 9,600 parts per million (for coal tar sealant dust!!).

The article has been repeated in about 20 or so major news markets across the country as well.   One very important clarification is that by my research and statements by industry leaders, most coal tar for sealants are imported from Mexico, India, and China.  I plan to dedicate a full post to is the source of coal tar in future.

Link to Chicago Tribune Article

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